Ireland Strikes Deal With Tianjin Horse Project - Tianjin Horse Project Details

Tianjin Horse City, Tianjin Horse Racing Facility
Tianjin Horse City, Now To Be Named "Tianjin Equine Culture City"

China is to build a £2.6bn international horse racing complex outside the port city of Tianjin in a bid to capitalize on a growing interest in the sport of horse racing which had previously been banned. An ambitious 10-year project, backed by developers in Dubai, aims to create a "Tianjin Horse City" with an international equestrian college, horse-breeding centre, auction base, animal feed factory, racetrack, and 7-star hotel with sweeping, phoenix-shaped grandstand.

Due to the popularity of Horse Racing in Hong Kong at venues such as Happy Valley Racecourse and Sha Tin Racecourse and the rising economy in China. A racecourse in the region could be highly popular and profitable.

Tianjin Horse City is to be jointly established by Meydan City Corporation (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), TAK Design Consultants (Malaysia), Zhouji Jiye (China) and Tianjin Farm Group (China). The group will help fulfill the gaps in the equestrian sports and horse culture industry economy in China, and merge the modern equine industry operations system in the coming 15 years.

The company has prepared two five-year plans. The first plan spans five years and eight months from May 2010 to December 2015. By the end of 2011, the Hua Zhi Jie International Equestrian College, studhorse base and feedstuff plant will be completed and put into trial operations. By the end of 2012, the horse trading center, hotel, clubhouse, shopping center, and entertainment center will be completed. By the end of 2013, offices and living facilities will be completed. By 2014, national standard club events, national equestrian club and national equestrian park franchises will be developed, and the preparation of horse culture communication market and international events market will commence.

Meydan City Corporation (Dubai, UAE) announced plans for a joint venture project, Tianjin Horse City in Ninghe County, Tianjin to train 8,000 professional equestrians and breed 1,000 high quality horses within five years.

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